Yoga and Meditation Immersion

Meeting with our Nature


Saturdays | 10h-12h

20 + 27 February

20 + 27 March


Four saturdays where we will have time to integrate the bases of Osseus with the practice of Yoga and Meditation.


Osseus invites the person to approach the present moment through the body, in deep attention between actions and impacts, with honesty. This immersion is open to all people, with or without experience, who want to deepen their knowledge of the human body, our closest nature. We will work, connections between the great structures - pelvis, trunk, head - in order to organize the energetic field.



Saturdays | 10h - 12h


20th February 

Our relationship with gravity - the foot

27th February

Organizing the internal space - column.

20th March

Recognizing diaphragms - breathing

27th March

Meditation - mindfull attention

- 1 Yoga mat
- 1 chair
- 3 blankets
- 1 towel


All people are welcomed, with or without experience in Yoga practice that want to deepen the path of self-knowledge. All are welcome.

This workshop has a maximum of 15 participants.

 PRICE: 8h - 75€

To guarantee your place at the course, we kindly ask you to pay the total amount until February 15th and send the proof of transaction to osseus@liliananuno.com.

As soon as you register, you will receive a link to access the four sessions, which you should save and access 15 minutes before each session.

OSSEUS - Impactos sobre a Saúde

Uma atenção contínua através do conhecimento do corpo nutre profundamente a mente.

O acto de estar presente em tudo o que acontece permite ao aluno cultivar, gradualmente, um maior discernimento das acções que realizamos e do seu impacto.


O cultivo da atenção tem um grande impacto na nossa saúde, permitindo a redução dos sintomas de ansiedade, depressão e stress, que por sua vez acalma a mente através de uma maior compreensão, equilíbrio e organização, expandindo-se de dentro para fora para tudo o que nos rodeia.

A possibilidade de transformação só ocorre quando estamos profundamente presentes no momento.

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