Life, dance, yoga in organic motion...

Life is movement. All vital experience is movement. Nature invites us to movement every day, showing us the impermanence of everything that surrounds us: It is the experiencing of this movement, through the body, that gives us the ability to see and understand the wonderful and constant alchemy and unity of what we are.


In my childhood, dance classes were a safe place, a resting place: they were another world. Before going on stage, fear would often paralyze me, canceling action. But, once I stepped into the stage, as I crossed it, my mind entered another dimension – that of the present moment, the now - and everything faded away. This state was not permanent: it was a dream, and in that moment I was free.


Dance was the door that led me from intimacy with the body to the movement of the mind. The practice of yoga was my access door to intimacy with the mind. In this context of awareness, in which we begin to see and accept what is really happening, we can start releasing, revealing, receiving, contemplating.

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