OSSEUS is a Somatic Education method that explores how the human being relates to gravity. A path to recover structural and functional integrity in an organic way, accessing the body movement and stillness, through the bone structure awareness and its direct relationship with the force of gravity.
The possibility to understand our nature through the body.

Clases en Castellano


Clases de Osseus Yoga en castellano para todos los alumnos de Argentina, España o Portugal.

*Horário da Argentina 

(Portugal: 13h30 (GMT+1)


regular Yoga classes


Osseus - Somatic Investigation and Education adapts to each person's needs and it's different contexts.
Classes are open to both beginners and experienced practitioners in group or individual format.


Space for the body to organize, space for the mind to be receptive, space for the action to be received.

Only when we embrace the now time dissolves and we are free.


Liliana Nuño

Therapeutic Yoga

Associação Salvador


Free classes for people with reduced mobility, stroke, cerebral palsy, and other conditions.


Somatic meetings

12TH TO 14TH JULY 2020

A three-day theoretical and practical immersion in the Osseus method - Yoga and Somatic Education.

Osseus Method

Yoga and Somatic Education teacher training

SETEMBER 2020 - JULY 2021

A 300h certified training on Osseus - Yoga and Somatic Education method, aimed at all people who want to dive into the path of self-knowledge.


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