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“We all came from Infinity,

we all live in Infinity

we will all return to infinity,

we are all manifestations of infinity unified,

we are all brothers and sisters in an infinite universe”

Michio Kushi

OSSEUS in Yoga Practice

Somatic Consciousness

Osseus is a method of somatic consciousness that investigates the relationship between the human being and the force of gravity. It is based on accessing the movement of the body through the consciousness of the bone structure and its relation with the force of gravity. A practice based on somatic education which allows to recover the structural and functional integrity of the body in an organic way, approaching the movement from inside to outside. A path of self-indication, a path towards the truth.


It is a process of somatic re-education that approaches the body in full attention, respecting its rhythms. The muscles that support the spine (deep muscles of the spine) are accessed, which will allow to organize and stabilize the articular spaces.


Accessing the muscular activity, while conscious of the force of gravity, will allow us to return to the internal balance that is essential to us. This new structural and functional organization will express itself in the liberation of breathing, which in turn will have an impact on the quality of consciousness. 



Osseus is the result of more than three decades of Somatic research, through the practice of Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Somatic education techniques. A study that I have integrated through various approaches that are, in themselves, unified: Ashtanga Yoga, Vini YogaIyengar Yoga e Dynamic Yoga; with influences from Somatic Education techniques.


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Somatic inquiry

The intimate understanding of our body structure hinges on a subtle perception.. Full attention is needed during practice, in order to deeply nourish body and mind. The possibility of transformation comes only when we are actually present, in the moment.


The biggest challenge in this process is to bring the mind into what is happening in the body, in its internal movement, especially in its relationship with gravity, alternating states of stillness (Asanas) with states of motion (Vinyasa).


The act of being present in everything that happens allows us to gradually cultivate a greater discernment of the actions that we take and their impact. When the mind opens, we can look at our structural, energetic and emotional resistances.


Cultivating full attention has a major impact on our health, allowing for the reduction of symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, which in turn calms the mind through a greater understanding, balance and organization, expanding from within us to everything around us.


As the continuous movement of our mind constantly floats between recalling (past) and imagining (future), we lose the present moment. Somatic inquiring is a door to revealing the now and progressively penetrate into the path of discovery of our true nature.

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"The bone is a living, complex and dynamic tissue. A solid form of connective tissue, highly specialized, which forms most of the skeleton and is the main supporting tissue of the body. The bone tissue is in a process of continuous renewal".

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"(...) applying these teachings of Yoga practice to our daily life, brings me a benefit that is difficult to explain or quantify, because it is a very profound work that Liliana with her Osseus method does BRILLIANTly! Namasté." - Katja



The body is the matter in which we live. As a biological unit, the body is living organic matter, the result of a larger energy field. As we begin our life on this planet, we make first-time contact with breathing and the heaviness of gravity, which are closely linked.

We need internal order. When gravity and the energy field of the human being clash, gravity clearly wins. And gravity can strengthen or destroy any organic life, depending on the spatial interrelation of both elements.

As we recover the body's structural and functional integrity, the energy field is no longer in conflict with the force of gravity, which allows the vital energy to circulate freely. The natural alignment of the centers of gravity between the larger structures: head, chest and pelvic structure, allows for a deeper stability and absence of tension.

Deep tensions are released only when there is internal space allowing for the free flow of breathing. This process of integration allows us to breathe more easily and move more effectively, facilitating the elimination of toxins and bringing benefits to all systems: nervous, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, endocrine, immune and reproductive systems.

This process of integrating our body, mind and breathing (spirit) is a way for us to become more aware, providing a gradual transformation of consciousness, leading us into the discovery of ourselves; a path of self-awareness, acceptance and, who knows, revelation of our true nature.


“The Earth's gravity field is the most potent physical influence on humans; when we recover space in the body structure the way back to balance opens up.”  

Ida Rolf


Learning takes place when there is silence, when the mind is constantly open and everyone, both teacher and practitioner, are in a continuous process of learning. This practice’s approach is based on providing a space conductive to self-investigation.


Osseus investigates the influence of gravity on our being. It is a process that enables constant body-mind integrity through physical action, offering the space we need to (un)cover in the moment.

Osseus is a process that reveals itself day by day, in a continuous search. The bone structure connects us to the moment, to life, to what is essential, to the unity we are. Only when we embrace the now does time dissolve and we are free.


Space for the body to organize,

space for the mind to be receptive,

space to contemplate the action.

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