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Christmas Hug!

Dear friends and students, I hope this time finds you well. Here I hug you with all my gratitude for all your warmth and friendship over the years. The path of Consciousness that is proposed to us in this life is expressed to us in the strangest ways, a path that always leads us to the Unity that we already are. When the Human Being lives in an imbalance, Nature expresses itself to guide him/her again to the Source.

The world is breath. Breathing envelops the World and keeps us alive, connecting us to a Whole that manifests itself through a continuous transformation with Death and Life - this is necessary to helps us to value each day, each moment. This time of recollection challenges us to live in deep Love, an opportunity to be attentive to each day offered and to value this continuous learning that is Life. Our happiness is only possible with unconditional love. This has the possibility to heal and transform each situation around us and bring a deep understanding of our lives. Vows to renew each day! The intention and ability to offer joy; the intention to cultivate compassion; the intention to live in equanimity, and thus offer joy and peace to the lives of those we love.

Wishing you a Christmas with lots of love, peace and harmony.




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