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The body, nature, abundance

Liviing is a gift. Breathing, eating, sleeping, relating, having children is an act of the generosity of life. Generosity as the virtue of those who share out of kindness... our planet is like this!

Nature sustains itself through a deep balance. In this experience of life we have been given the five senses. As part of nature we also need to maintain this balance, that peace be with all of us, everyday, is a desire that has to be built, an energy that has to be guided in the care of every thought, word and intention.

Only by walking this path can we offer peace and love to our children, and consequently to humanity.

Currently, the human being lives in a deep internal imbalance.

Without knowing how to orient himself with so many external stimuli, he lives lost and isolated from his true nature, remaining in ignorance of what this body and mind really are.

To live in harmony we need to understand how to orient our senses, organize our mind through deep self-knowledge, and create the space to know it deeply.

Our work is always to continue each day on this path of awareness.



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