I am always present to those who recognize me in every creature. 

Seeing all life as my manifestation, they are never separated from me. 

They worship me in the hearts of all, and all their actions proceed from me.

Wherever they may live, they abide in me.

(6.30-31) The Bhagavad Gita

Osseus is a method of somatic consciousness that investigates the relationship between the human being and the force of gravity. A practice of Yoga based on somatic education which allows to recover the structural and functional integrity of the body in an organic way, cultivating a careful attention and intention.

Addressing the movement from inside to outside, this practice is based on accessing movement through the consciousness of the bone structure and its relationship with the force of gravity.

Only a path of deep self-knowledge and acceptance will open the door that reveals our true nature, the space of deep rest and peace, Satchitananda.

Sat existence, chit consciousness, ananda liberty.

This approach to Yoga practice adapts to the needs of each person, in different contexts and is accessible to all people who want to deepen the path of self-knowledge: people with or without experience in body knowledge.
These sessions can be given as a group or individually.

*taking place online and/or in person



Osseus - Yoga

Regular group classes


Osseus - Yoga

Therapeutic classes


Osseus - Yoga

Individual sessions

Osseus - Yoga

Classes with Associação Salvador

Space for the body to organize, 

space for the mind to be receptive, 
space to contemplate the action.

Only when we embrace the now,

time dissolves and we are free.

Liliana Nuño

Osseus Yoga - Gravity Research

Yoga and Somatic Counsciousness teacher training

Online and on-site


A 300h certified training on Osseus - Yoga and Somatic Education method, aimed at all people who want to dive into the path of self-knowledge.



To be well we need a clear mind, to have clarity of vision we need to cultivate the quality of our attention. The possibility of transformation only arises when we are really present, at the moment.


The body is our closest nature, the space to discover ourselves, to create intimacy with the movement that inhabits us, the sensations, the movement of the breath and the movement of the mind itself.

The cultivation of attention has a great impact on our health, allowing the reduction of anxiety, depression and stress symptoms.

By cultivating greater sensitivity in each of us we create the basis for living in greater balance, respect, discernment and harmony. This individual health and well-being will naturally extend to those around us and to the whole community.


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