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OSSEUS is a process that reveals itself every day; a constant investigation. 

We offer personal and professional training and specialised workshops for various educational institutions and companies. 

Osseus Yoga - Gravity Research

Yoga and Somatic Consciousness training

Online and on-site


A 300h certified training on Osseus Yoga - Gravity Research method, aimed at all people who want to dive into the path of self-knowledge.

Awakening somatic intelligence

Body, mind and gravity


OSSEUS is a method of Somatic Counsciousness that integrates the practice of Yoga and the way the human body relates to gravity, through self-enquiry. A practice based on Somatic re-education which allows us to recover the structural and functional integrity in an organic way. 

It offers a systematic reintegration of the structures of the body, adapting to the needs of each person, in different contexts. The approach of this Training is based on providing a conductible space for self-research.

This training is the result of a deep research developed over more than three decades of Liliana's experience in Hatha Yoga and Meditation practices which are in themselves unified: Vini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga with the study of Somatic approaches such as the Feldenkrais Method and Klein Technique. 

This training includes theoretical support material.

To whom it is addressed?

This Teacher Training is aimed at all people who want to dive into the path of self-knowledge.
It is open to teachers, Yoga students, people linked to somatic education and the movement, therapists, educators, health professionals.


The art of education
The five elements

ASANA structural integrity. Stability. EARTH

VINYASA quality of movement. Fluidity. WATER

BANDHA quality of energy. Transformation. FIRE

PRANAYAMA quality of breathing. Rhythm. AIR

DRUSHTI quality of attention. Consciousness. SPACE


Vinyasakrama methodology

The practice of Yoga postures is a process of re-education towards integration.

1. Understanding the Body Structure (connections)


2. Understanding Internal Movement (muscular activity)


3. Understanding Integral Dynamics (breathing)


4. Gravity and present moment (meditation)

Teacher training contents

Connections - Elements
Supine postures
Standing positions on a plane
Standing postures in two planes
Balancing postures
Pelvic postures

Reverse Postures

Pranayama introduction

Ujjayi breathing

Bases of Teaching and Learning




Ahimsa: Sensitivity, actions and impacts

Satya: Truth, honesty in action

Asteya: Opening to the moment, being presente

Aparigraha: Generosity, continuous de-identification

Bramacharya: Deep intimacy with body-mind, unity


Saucha: Cleasing

Santosha: Contentment

Tapas: Self-discipline and willpower

Svadhyaya: Study about yourself

Ishvara Pranidhana. Delivery


" (...) Her approach is unique, solid and true, based on her immense experience and path of dance, yoga, Buddhist meditation practices – just the ones I know about and recognise in her teaching. Her teaching is clear, understandable, accessible, friendly and loving. (...)  I enrolled in her 3 years Yoga and Somatic Education Formation, and have already finished one year. It has been taking me to a completely different “level”. I tried to express it in words, but only if you experience for yourself, Liliana’s teaching, you’ll see what I mean." - Fanni

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Tainings created for institutions


Osseus Yoga - Gravity Research

Classes and workshops for companies

Online and/or in-site

As all our well-being is based on internal balance and the development of our creativity, the project of taking Yoga and Meditation to institutions is born from the will to help companies re-connect with what is essential.

The purpose of these workshops is to transmit through a somatic approach the access to the free and full potential of the human being through self-knowledge. 


These workshops propose a dive into the inner work oriented towards the re-education of the body and the investigation of the mind. A process towards full attention.


Osseus Yoga - Gravity Research

Classes and workshops for schools

Online and/or in-site

Classes, workshops and short trainings for schools and artistic institutions, organized by meetings that aim to guide the student in the process of becoming more intimate with the matter (body-mind integrity) through physical action.

A method that goes through the five elements that allow the student to reach the present moment through the body, in deep attention to actions and impacts with sensitivity and honesty.

The impact of this process gives the student the ability to release their deep emotional tensions, creating an internal order, revealing their creative potential.