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Luzia Cruz

Life is movement. All vital experience is movement.

Nature invites us to movement every day, showing us the impermanence of everything that surrounds us.

It is the experiencing of this movement, through the body, that gives us the ability to see and understand the wonderful and constant alchemy and unity of what we are.

Liliana Nuño

Liliana is a certified Yoga teacher and Somatic researcher.

She was a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in the 90s.

She has been transmitting her experience in Hatha Yoga and Meditation, based on equanimity, for over three decades. 


Life, dance, yoga in organic motion...

She began her dance studies in Argentina. In the 1990s, she joined the Contemporary Ballet Company of Teatro San Martín, in Buenos Aires, and studied in New York, where she came in contact with new developments in dance that were taking place. For several years she developed her work as a choreographer in Buenos Aires.


In 2002, she moved to Europe, where she deepened her training in yoga and meditation. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last three decades. Since 2014, she has been deepening her research on how human beings relate to Gravity.   


She develops OSSEUS Yoga - Gravity Research, a method of Somatic Consciousness that investigates the relationship of the human being with the force of gravity, a way to access the free and full potential of the human being. Liliana shares the Dharma with her students on the basis of Krishnamacharya's legacy.

She was the director of Osseus - Somatic Research and Education. For the last eightyears she has been giving support to people with reduced motor capacity with the Salvador Association and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

She currently lives in the Netherlands, where she teaches classes, Teacher Trainings, workshops and individual accompaniment, holding annual retreats while collaborating with various dance companies and artistic institutions in Europe and Latin America.


She began practicing yoga in 1994 in Argentina. In 2002, already in Europe, she practices and studies different methods of Yoga teaching: Ashtanga Yoga, with Rolf Naujokat, Tomás Zorzo and Sharaht Jois; Viniyoga, with T.K.V. Desikachar and Iyengar Yoga, at the Iyengar Institute in Madrid, B. Konrad and Ramanand Patel.

In Portugal she was part of H2O Centro de Fisioterapia, where she integrated her therapeutic approach in Yoga practice. For several years was part of the team of trainers of the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal


Her discovery of Vipassana Meditation (Goenka) and Buddhist Meditation at the Theravada Forest Monastery, facilitated a deeper immersion into her personal practice.


"Dance was the door that took me from intimacy with the body to the movement of the mind. Yoga practice was the door to intimacy with the mind. In this conscious context, where we begin to see and accept what is really happening, we begin to let go, to reveal, to receive, to contemplate."

"In my childhood, dance classes were a safe place, a resting place: they were another world. Before going on stage, fear would often paralyze me, canceling action. But, once I stepped into the stage, as I crossed it, my mind entered another dimension – that of the present moment, the now - and everything faded away. This state was not permanent: it was a dream, and in that moment I was free."


She began her studies between 1974 and 1984, at the Escuela de Danzas Norma Fontela, in the city of Mar del Plata. Later, between 1987 and 1989, she furthered her knowledge of contemporary dance at the Taller del Teatro Gral San Martín, in Buenos Aires. In the 1990s, she spent eight years as a member of the Contemporary Ballet Company of Teatro San Martín. For several years, she worked as a teacher of Contemporary Dance at the IUNA (Instituto Universitário Nacional del Arte).

Between 1993 and 1998, she received two scholarships to study in New York and Brussels. In New York she attended the Trisha Brown School and also absorbed the influences of the Flying Low Technique with David Zambrano. In Europe, she attended classes with companies like Rosas, Ultima Vez, Michel Noiret and Tanztheather by Pina Bausch. These encounters exerted an enormous influence on her training, leading her to a new understanding of dance that incorporates the perception of gravity on the human being, addressing body-consciousness as a whole.

After returning to her country in 2000, she debuted as a choreographer with the play Urgente. The following year, she received a state subsidy which allowed her to create her second work, Sujetos, which opened at the International Festival of Theatre and Dance of Buenos Aires. In 2001, she received further support, creating the work Como Me Quieras at the Teatro Cervantes.

During these years she simultaneously studied different techniques of Somatic Education such as Alexander, Feldenkrais, Klein Technique. with Wally Cardona, Barbara Mahler and Susan Klein.

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Choreographic work

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Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires


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