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Osseus, Somatic Education 

Individual Sessions:

Somatic education derives from the Greek word “sôma” which, for the Greek philosopher-poet Hesíodo, meant a “body experience”. Somatic education is an education absorbed from the body in motion and that allows us to understand its relationship with emotions and thoughts.

The purpose of the sessions is to guide each person to access a path of self-knowledge, through the body.

Each body carries its own story, observing it sitting, standing or walking, we can discover the inner state of the person who inhabits it.

Each session will provide new tools for inner comfort, exploring the body organically, approaching movement from the inside out.

The body is the focus of a physical-mental reorganization as part of a whole, by organizing the bone structure we will gradually optimize muscle activity in its relationship with the force of gravity: we will use the natural realignment of the centers of gravity between the main structures (head, rib cage and pelvis) to first regain stability in the body. A process that will slowly lead to a release of physical and psychic tension, through the release of the breath.

In this mindfulness experience, the person begins to discover a new space of well-being and rest.


Cultivating mindfulness:

- We approach the body gradually, respecting its rhythms.

- We stabilize the joint spaces.

- We access the muscles that support the spine.

- We create intimacy with matter, our physical body.

- We investigated the relationship between actions and impacts.



Sessions are organized taking into account the specific goals and needs of each person, at any stage of life. These have a flexible duration and schedule, to be individually delineated.


How and where:

Face-to-face sessions Utrecht, Hilversum, Amsterdam.

- Studio yoga moves (Utrecht)

- At home

- Outdoors

- Online through the Zoom platform.


Who are they addressed to?

 Osseus, as an inclusive approach, can be adapted to children, adolescents, pregnant women, adults with intense physical activity, people with physical or psychological limitations, the elderly and dependent or terminally ill people.

This method of somatic awareness is especially recommended for professionals who use the body as a working tool:

Musicians, actors, singers, dancers and athletes, as it will allow to release tension habits and thus guarantee a more effective use of the voice, the practice of instruments or the movement of the body


These sessions stimulate mental clarity and the perception of how we relate to the outside, develop a state of greater equanimity that will bring with it more calm, confidence and joy.

A path for the growth of life itself, to become aware of the way we live and walk in a fuller and happier life.

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