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José Mário Martins

When I met Liliana in 2014, I was in a delicate health situation. A herniated lower back disc had severely limited my quality of life, either because of the pain or because of the difficulty in walking.

I started to practice yoga according to her Somatic Education Method and gradually I gained a better knowledge of the body and the postural corrections I needed to make for a better weight distribution and to harmonize the osteo-muscle-articular system.

Through practice, guided by Liliana, I was able to correct postures, redistribute the load and regain muscle tone, which allowed me to make, 6 years later, an almost normal life.

I consider myself blessed to have been able to get to know Liliana and benefit from her method.

I am immensely grateful to her for the enormous help she has given me in overcoming such a difficult phase of my life.

Katja Schalk

Listening. Interiorize. To evolve. Focus. Rest. To know. Experiment. Accept. Align. Visualize. Wait. Connect. Structure. Look. Breathe. Move. Meditate. Studying. Staying.


... applying these teachings of Yoga practice to our daily life, brings me a benefit that is difficult to explain or quantify, because it is a very profound work that Liliana with her Osseus method does BRILLIANTly! Namasté.

Fanni Major

Liliana is my teacher, my master and my friend. Since I first entered the space ’OSSEUS’ in Lisbon, a mostly white room with a model skeleton in the corner, I felt that this is something different. Clear and professional. I started to participate in the yoga classes regularly and I felt really good. I already have had years of practice in different yoga styles, have met several good teachers before and have had two years of teaching experience of my own, yet I understood clearly after just a few weeks at OSSEUS that I could learn so much from her!


Her approach is unique, solid and true, based on her immense experience and path of dance, yoga, Buddhist meditation practices – just the ones I know about and recognise in her teaching. Her teaching style is clear, understandable, accessible, friendly and loving – just like her. Each class is a spiritual practice, where we learn important things about our own body and about the workings of the mind as well. Still, she lets us space to explore yoga for ourselves. 

In this way I found out I can learn so much from her, so I enrolled in her 3 years Yoga and Somatic Education Formation, and have already finished one year. It has been taking me to a completely different “level”. I tried to express it in words, but only if you experience for yourself, Liliana’s teaching, you’ll see what I mean.  

Francisco Espírito

Before Osseus I met Liliana with the purpose of practicing Ashtanga and to start my self practice. This journey passed through various spaces and different contexts. In this journey I learned, I grew - and from the initial purpose remains this want to keep learning more, to question and to inhabit consciously and quietly the body, familiarizing myself every moment with its wisdom, enjoying step by step each moment of this search.

Mafalda Serrano

Osseus - The path of transformation and life.

Observe, walk the path of truth contained in the order of things. At each step, find root and shelter space in the law of nature. 

Breathing. The universe that makes itself known, inhabiting the tiniest measure of the body. As life in becoming, so the walker who in practice seeks goodness. 

Continuous inquiry of the light. Sharing. Meditation in movement. 

"Svetam (white).

João Silveira

Few people have touched me deeply enough to be able to change something in me in the way I look at the past and present, and how Io relate to others. In recent times it has been the women who have influenced me most.

Liliana appears at this stage as making sense and integrating loose ends.

Native Argentina, brought a whole life experience and research at the service of the Osseus Somatic Integration method that she developed in Portugal side by side with the teaching of traditional yoga, with enormous passion and professionalism.

Disciplined, stubborn, hardworking, generous, focused on teaching and her students, she knew how to surround herself with the right people and managed to transmit much more than the idea of a mere physical practice, she taught yoga as something of a constant search, a way of life that demands sacrifices but that transforms, and gave her students the necessary tools to go beyond the physical and mental field.

In the Osseus method she taught people of all ages, and many with physical limitations, to live more motivated and healthier, understanding and dealing better with their bodies without attacking them.

In this new phase of her life I see Liliana teaching young people and children, all attentive and interested.

Fátima Carriço

I think that all I can say will always be little to show my gratitude to Liliana for making her life a total surrender to a rigor of knowledge, of respect for each one of us, for the body, for what inhabits it, for the point where each one is, for life.


Maybe transmit what I feel as part of this Osseus group:

-Rigorousness, respect, tranquility, immense confidence, the certainty that everything that is transmitted and suggested to me comes from far away and arrives to us by Liliana after being part of it. Notion that I am just starting but that I am on the way.


and what else has changed with my practice:

-and here, I would say, up to now, it has been the "standing up". To be standing more aware of all that this involves. Bringing the practice by standing up. Organizing and being more conscious of the body (even when I'm washing my teeth or waiting for the bus). Standing "wondering the possibility" of rooting on earth and touching the sky with the top of your head. To be standing up even in moments when all this seems impossible to me.

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