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Occurring throughout the year, they allow a deeper approach to specific topics.



1 Structure-Gravity (in motion) Understanding of body structure  

      Saturday, February 27   Conection: weight - time - space
      Saturday, March 19       Inner space:  muscular activity
      Saturday, April 9            Integration: Chandranamaskar - Suryanamaskar


2 Structure-Gravity (in repose) Understanding internal movement         


3 Structure-Gravity (breathing) Understanding structure – breathing    


4 Structure-Gravity (consciousness) Gravity and the present moment   




1 Understand the structure of the body, our contact with the ground.

The focus of this workshop is the postural alignment.

The body weight is supported through the center of the bones, re-standardize the flow of energy, allowing movement to be initiated by muscles that are closer to the center of the body.We will aproach standing postures, having as focus the relationship between legs and pelvis. 


2 Understanding the internal movement: Space in the body structure.

The focus of this workshop is to sensitize joint spaces moving towards integration of the various segments of the body.

We will explore the involuntary muscles, bringing awareness to muscles that are asleep.

We will access the spine to enable a profound internalization. 


3 Understanding the relationship between structure and breathing.

Posture influences our breathing.

Recover integrity in the spine is essential to keep us healthy physically and mentally.

In this workshop the focus will be to explore how to free the breathing.

We will aproach the relationship between the thorax and the pelvis. Introduction to breathing techniques (Pranayama)


4 Gravity and present moment: Integration - Meditation


Through Asanas we will cultivate the openness to approach Meditation.

Focusing on the present moment through the body we will meditate, this way creating the space for contemplation of thougts, sensations ans emotions (Mindfulness).

In this workshop we will integrate the experience from the previous workshops.





Have the space to rest at the moment

for the body to organize,

so that the mind is receptive,

so that the action is received. 



Morning: 10 am -12 pm

Afternoon: 13 pm - 16pm


For more information about next dates please leave your contact here



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