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Impermanence: continuous adaptation

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who survive, but the one who best adapts to change.

We could say that this is Darwin's definition of Yoga... Yoga happens in the Now.

Life is constantly changing, always has been and always will be. We, as living beings, have an enormous capacity to adapt to life's circumstances.

At this time the world is facing an extremely difficult situation, which demands from us more than ever our ability to adapt and above all a clear mind.

This clarity is only possible if we take the time to cultivate our attention, and for this we always have our body available.

A lifetime's experience of exploring the body has helped me to understand the practice of yoga as a space of joy through full attention to everything I do. It allowed me to educate the sense of presence and free myself from old structural patterns towards new possibilities.

In Yoga, when all the segments of our structure are organized around our vertical axis - head, neck, thorax, pelvis and legs, a process of integration takes place, not only transforming the body, but life as a whole, causing somatic and psychological changes. It is this deeper organization, which through internal alignment, allows us to balance the various levels of body and mind into a functional whole.

However, without continuous practice on a constant basis of awareness, our ability to change will always be limited.

Only clear vision, through conscious work, will help us to understand the roots of our true happiness.

The body is the most wonderful instrument to know ourselves deeply!

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